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Coolracks have designed a range of temperature sensors/controllers and rack mount fan assemblies to efficiently cool the equipment rack. The unique temperature sensors provide a real time display of the temperature in the rack as well as activating the fans at the desired temperature. These systems are simple to install and highly effective in helping to cool equipment. There are two key components – a fan system and a temperature controller.

The temperature controller provides a real time temperature monitoring of the rack and can be programmed to turn the fans on and off at user defined temperatures. It is extremely easy to install with a DC power input, a power fly lead to connect to a fan unit and a temperature probe to be placed inside the rack.

The fan units are available in different sizes depending on the amount of space on the rack and the amount of air to be moved. The most efficient fans are 3 x 120mm units housed on a 3U panel. But a 2U panel with 4 x 80mm fans is also available. The fan units are designed to be used with a temperature controller. Each Temperature controller is supplied with a DC power supply and a 1.2m fly lead to connect to the fan assembly.

There is also a 2U combined fan and temperature control unit that is designed to fit to the front of the rack and draw air in.2U Rack Mounted Cooling System



If you would like to apply for trade pricing then please email with relevant details. 2U Rack Mounted Cooling System